Care & Maintenance



You have our assurance Stella Quartz is manufactured using high grade quality materials. However we wish to high light that the prolonged surface quality and successful performance of our Quartz Surfaces certainly runs parallel with observance of the correct maintenance protective procedures.

When Stella Quartz based engineered stone are installed they offer the advantages of less demanding maintenance procedures. The inert components of either siliceous sands or quartz are resistant to acids and to intense wear and tear these are inherent of Stella quartz surface. Do not worry about spills from coffee, wine, lemon juice, olive oil, vinegar, makeup, and many other common household products, but no spill should stay on the surface for long; just avoid harsh chemicals.

The routine care for our Quartz requires very little maintenance. Quite simply wipe the surface with soap and hot water to maintain its beauty and shine.

Stella Quartz can be cleaned either with detergents that have a pH level no higher than 11, please avoid caustic soda or with acidic detergents for persistent grime use pH no lower than 3.
Hard and stubborn spills:

Do not use paint thinners or varnish removers. Instead use any multipurpose house cleaner or a soft scrub and wipe with hot water and soap. The more of the adhered material such as gum, grease, paint, food, etc., scrape off the residue with a sharp wooden blade or putty knife prior to cleaning. If the scraping leaves a gray metal mark on the countertop, this can be cleaned off by using a recommended cleaner and a soft non-abrasive scrub pad. Buff with a damp cloth. For stubborn spots or stains, soak a pad of paper towels in water and any of the recommended cleansers and apply the towel to the stain and let soak for a few minutes. Deeply clean with a non-abrasive scrub pad and cleanser, rinse thoroughly, and buff with a damp cloth.
Avoid strong chemicals and solvents:

Please avoid and don’t expose your Stella surface to strong chemicals and solvents, especially solvents that contain trichlorethane or methylene chloride. Do always avoid furniture cleaners and paint strippers, nail polish remover, permanent markers and ink, bleach and oven cleaners.

For Stella polished finish Quartz we recommend you use a mild household cleaner, such as 409®, Fantastik®, Lysol®, or Windex®. In case of stubborn spills or stains, soak the area for up to 10 minutes with one of the above cleaners and vigorously wipe away with a non abrasive / non scratch pad.

Again do not use strong alkaline and/or abrasive cleaning products. Always follow the manufacturers’ dilution instructions and recommendations.

Stella Quartz is extremely heat resistant you can drop a lit match onto the surface of Stella Quartz countertop and it won’t scorch. But remember it may be damaged by sudden extreme heat due to thermal shock and excessive heat may cause the polyester binder to contract, leaving the surface exposed to heat feeling rough to touch and/or discolored. To maintain the natural beauty of Stella Quartz do not place roasting pans or hot skillets directly on the surface use a trivet instead.

Stella Quartz is extremely scratch resistant but not indestructible. Stella Quartz is 93% Quartz and can be scratched by materials harder than the quartz as an example; the bottom of certain ceramic dishes may be abrasive enough to scratch your Stella Quartz countertop. Stella is extremely durable and resists scratching, staining and scorching better than any other natural stone or solid surface.

Stella Quartz can also be damaged by impact. Do avoid excessive force or pressure because that may cause the countertop to crack, mar or chip the surface. Please avoid use as a cutting board and use a cutting board instead for purposes of cutting.

Stella Leather, Matt, Honed and surfaces other than polished for counter tops does require daily maintenance than other Stella Quartz products. For your daily cleaning routine we recommend Countertop Magic™ follow instructions on bottle of cleaner. Honed finishes require more frequent cleaning to maintain their appearance. Metal marks, finger prints and other signs of daily living will be more apparent. However, visible marks such as these can be removed by using a non-abrasive pad and any of the recommended cleaning products.

Important Comments on Quartz Stone maintenance (additional information always helps):
The successful performance of all flooring materials is the observance of the correct maintenance and protective procedures. Correct maintenance procedures not only extend the life of the stone surface but can also contribute to a safe surface.

•    Dust mop floors frequently. Surface contamination such as dirt and dust can create slippery conditions.
•    Protect floor surfaces with non-slip mats. Such mats should be placed at entranceways, particularly during rainy and snowy periods. Wet surfaces can create a slip hazard.
•    Blot up spills immediately. Liquid or food left on stone surfaces can create a slip hazard.
•    Thoroughly rinse and dry floors after washing. Ensure areas just wet mopped are allowed to dry before trafficked, by marking these areas off until thoroughly dry.
•    Maintenance products used should be the correct products for the type of surface. Ensure that the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed.

Handy maintenance things you’ll need when Quartz surfaces are installed.
Simple Green Lime-scale remover
Vinegar cleaner (diluted)
Bar Keeper’s Friend
Formula 409 Glass and Surface Cleaner
Lysol and Greased Lightning