Discover Stella Quartz

Stella Quartz combines the everlasting beauty of natural stone with durability, strength, and style. It’s Surfaces are manufactured with the purest of the raw materials which contains up to 93% natural quartz (the hardest minerals) while using the State-of- the-art manufacturing methods and technology backed by our limited 15 years Warranty.

Stella Quartz collection of unique colors is a brand which redefines luxury that appeals to every style. Whether you desire contemporary or modern look for your countertops, Stella Quartz Surfaces has it!

Our Quartz Surfaces are resistant to stain, scratch, scorch, heat, and shock. It does not require sealing or reconditioning. It is also very easily cleaned up, unreceptive to bacteria, mold, and mildew.



Avoid contact with:

  • Alkaline chemicals (acetone, caustic soda, etc.);
  • Pure ammonia or ammonia-based cleaners;
  • Solvents in general (e.g., nail polish removers or solvents for paints containing trichloroethylene and methylene chloride);
  • Brighteners, oily soaps, inks and permanent markers;
  • Steel wool pads, abrasive and micro-abrasive cleaners such as creams or powders;
  • Strong detergents such as those for cleaning the oven;
  • Wax polishes or products containing wax that could cause a loss of luster.


In the case of contact with any of the above, it is recommended to rinse thoroughly with water immediately. Avoid any misuse.